Ascending // Descending

by Great Grief (Formerly known as Icarus)



We changed our band name to Great Grief. This album is now available through our new bandcamp page:


released May 23, 2014

Great Grief (Formerly known as Icarus)
Recorded by Great Grief at their home studio.
Mixed and Mastered by Haukur Hannes.
Photography by Aaron Jones.
Album Design by Finnbogi Örn Einarsson.

CD release by Crisis Party Collective (Limited to 200 copies, sold out)
Vinyl 12" release by lifeisafunnything (3 colors, Limited to 300 copies)



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Great Grief (Formerly known as Icarus) Reykjavik, Iceland

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Track Name: Maryland
Maryland, Halifax
A little girl is dead and she’s not coming back.

Punching another hole in the bible belt
I poured it out and drank it up again.

Feel my severed soul
Fizzing down the core of my bones.

I spoke too fast and now I’ll never be whole.

So stop it now, see that there is no one sinking
but the swarm will blind us all.

Don’t pray to god for me
‘cause when I will, it won’t be me.
Track Name: The Royal Botch, Royale
Mother, Father, don’t you dare patronise me.

Stern, don’t clarify.

Your world seemed so stained, oh what a harmful little place.


I spoke the truth
even when I knew I was wrong.

Silence was your lover, patience was your friend
and in the end, they’ll never care.

Again, a faded silhouette carved with disappointment.

If apathy was bright as the shining seas
I should advice no assistance.

If empathy was the light that would shine through the trees
I’d make sure to collect the leaves.

Mother Father find him a cure and keep your distance.

His thoughts have been misplaced again.

All that is left is endless critique.
Track Name: At Least I'm Not On Fire
I can’t begin to move
or begin to explain why these things affect my mood.

But then again, it seems like everyone is just as fucked as me
as if everyone was just as fucked as me.

So frail
rip the pages rip them all.

The drugs never helped
so let their existence seize today.

All is vanity.

Pills, the minerals of sanity.

Just let down your shield of vanity
and swallow your pride.

Leave it to me to find out what’s wrong
and it will be the death of me
but I will be there.

All is vanity.

At least I’m not on fire.

All is vanity.
All I see is vanity.
At least I’m not on fire.
Track Name: Tirade
I don’t know where I’ll end up
and I’m not sure where I’ll be living
and if you ask me right now
I won’t rest for a single minute.

If you want to fix this
stand right here in front of me
this is your last chance
for tomorrow will be the death of me.

I’m not whole
a severed soul.

But I’ll be fine
in just a matter of time.

Fix me.
Track Name: Saga
Hands off.
Hands on.

Heavy breathing.
Self deceiving.
I wake up hating myself.
Forcing a smile.

As I fall
I’ll rise.

Every day It’s getting worse
‘cause every night I’m getting hurt.
How can I tell you
if I can’t even tell myself.

All that is left is my ego and endless critique.

Hands off.
Hands on.
Track Name: Feed Me A Stray Cat
Pages, scattered all over the floor
I’ve seen this happen before
To child that was left with a father, a son, a ministers child
Was there no reason to take this out on you?
Will you ever know, if so, tell me, why was she left with a stutter?

Listen to these words, you must go now
This is no home, leave, please,
I’m begging
Lying on the floor, screaming her throughout that door
Because I’ve seen this before

While we made god, tear us all apart.

Left in the cradle, once alone
Now lying in her fathers arms.